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By Dara Saville

The Ecology of Herbal Medicine

A Guide to Plants and Living Landscapes of the American Southwest

Author’s Note: The Ecology of Herbal Medicine weaves together personal stories and scientific information, offering a new way of understanding medicinal plants and our interconnectivity with the living landscapes that we share with them. This interdisciplinary approach incorporates a wide array of perspectives including first-hand sensory experience, ecology, ethnobotany, mythology, phytochemistry, and more. While it focuses on plants and places of the American Southwest, many of the botanical species and ecological changes that are described range beyond the Western states creating a wider relevance. The materia medica portion of the book includes in-depth plant profiles for 39 species with detailed color photographs and frequent citations for further reading on specific topics.

This book is a tribute to the landscapes and plants that have taught me and inspired me over the years. Within its pages, I describe life-changing observations and interactions with the natural world that continue to form the foundation of my wellbeing and shape my perspective on living a life of reciprocity and interconnectedness. I hope you, too, will feel the potency of plants as healing agents in the land and for people as you read this book. And when you walk in your favorite places, remember that you are also medicine.

The Ecology of Herbal Medicine is dedicated to Dr. Jerry Lee Williams, my mentor and friend.

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